Good advice for life on campus

Stay healthy!

Due to coronavirus outbreaks at high schools and universities this fall, many schools have been forced to switch from face-to-face classes to virtual classes, or a hybrid of both. Educate yourself about your school’s COVID-19 rules and guidelines, then follow them. You’re protecting not only yourself and your classmates, but all the people you come in contact with when you go home.

Make a new friend

Sudden life changes seem to be the norm, so college life tomorrow may be very different from today. Make it a goal the first week of college to meet and make friends with a school guidance counselor. You’re going to need lots of academic, personal, and career advice.

Jobs of the future

Check out the Star Jobs rating system, which provides a ranking of the highest-demand, highest-wage jobs in Louisiana, based on forecasted employment growth, currently available jobs, and compensation levels, among other factors. 

Social media smarts

Gen-Zers share just about everything on social media. But now more than ever, you should pay attention to your online reputation. Admissions officers, potential bosses, and others you want to impress can easily find your social media profiles. You might want to deactivate your wild and crazy accounts and hide any embarrassing posts on your timeline. And remember—don’t overshare and never post anything you might regret in the future.

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