What I wish I’d done differently in high school


It’s the beginning of the school year, and maybe you’re already overwhelmed with classwork, extracurriculars and those looming college applications. The good news? So is everyone else. To help you get in the zone, we spoke to four Louisiana high school graduates about what they wish they’d done differently in high school to be better prepared for college. 

I wish I had taken college prep more seriously. 

“When I was in high school, I saw college as one of those things that I knew I was going to do. But it never really seemed like a reality until I was halfway through my senior year. At that point, I was spending every night filling out applications, writing essays and researching scholarships. I honestly think I just waited too long to do all of that, and I think college becomes a lot less scary the earlier you start planning for it.”

- Matt Flynn
20, Minden High School graduate from Homer
Currently a junior studying economics at Louisiana Tech University (and serving as SGA president)

I should have let go of any expectations that I had.

“I wish I would have let go of the expectations I had for myself, because high school is so different from college. Trying to plan ahead or think of every situation you possibly can is kind of a waste of time. I think it’s more about setting attainable goals for yourself and going in with a fresh, open mind ready for whatever comes your way.”

- Aubree Weldon
20, Parkview Baptist High School graduate from Baton Rouge
Currently a junior studying graphic design at Southeastern Louisiana University

I wish I’d known that no obstacle was too big for me.

“I am a first-generation college student, so I really didn’t know what to expect. But I’ve learned that in college it’s not really about how smart you are, it’s about your work ethic. If I had known that I was capable of anything I set my mind to, which I know now, I would’ve done more, explored more things and put in more work ahead of time.”

- Tarik Andrus
19, Northwest High School graduate from Washington 
Currently a sophomore studying secondary education at Northwestern State University

I wish I had been my own individual.

“I wish I had taken the opportunity to learn more about myself before I went to college. By that, I don’t mean figuring out what I wanted to do when I got to college or after, but understanding who I am. In high school, it’s easy to get caught up in being part of a group and wanting to be accepted. So I wish I had realized that I am an individual in the world that thinks unlike anyone else.”

- Grant Henry
21, Airline High School graduate from Bossier City 
Currently a senior studying marketing at Nicholls State University (and serving as SGA president)

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